About Digital Certification

About Digital Certification

Small data files that digitally bind together an organization’s details in a cryptographic key is called Digital or SSL Certificate. When SSL certificate is installed on a web browser it activates an https protocol that enables secure connection from a web server to a browser. SSL is an important certificate majorly employed to secure login data, transaction data from credit cards and all the sensitive information interacted from a browser to a server. SSL certificate is good at binding and securing details like domain name, an identity of an organization, location, hostname, etc.

SSL certificate is a must-have utility for every website. An established connection can secure all the web traffic and sensitive information regarding a customer or user. As of 2018, it has become a mandatory act declared by Google to have an SSL certificate installed to a website. Failing to do the same, especially in the Chrome browser, may result in blocking or cautioning about the website, which may lead to distrust among a website’s user.

The application protocol you might have seen in your browser’s address bar as HTTP will immediately transform to HTTPs once you install an SSL certificate to your server. The ‘s’ in HTTPs stands for ‘secure’ and indicates that your website is now safe for you and your user to visit. With a successful installation, your padlock will be shown as green in the address bar indicating that your website is secure of any information theft.

Benefits of our Digital Certification

  • Eliminates information theft
  • Increase trust among visitors
  • Reliability
  • Great for SEO Ranking
  • Deploy in Minuets

Whether business or not, if you have a website then SSL Certificate is the second next thing you need to have after the website itself. Gain the trust of your customers by protecting their credentials and personal information with Hostpreneur’s Digital Certification.