Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) embraces all our commitments and responsibilities which we intend to provide our valued clients. This agreement plays a vital role in building a strong bond between us and you. It clarifies every domain of our commitments. We, at Host Preneur, strive to make a long lasting relationship between our clients and us.

We strongly believe that clients’ satisfaction must never be sacrificed and thus, we intend to provideyou a 99.9% service uptime guarantee, implying that you would not encounter downtimefor more than 4 hours in a year. Services such as HTTP, DNS, SMTP, and POP3are included in the service up time.

We further guarantee you a 100% network uptime under which you are assured to acquire uninterrupted network elements, say routers, switches, and cables. Nonetheless, the time required for the scheduled maintenance would remain excluded from this network uptime.

In case, you encountera downtime, in terms of service or network, for more than 45 minutes, we shall be liable to credit your account with 5% of the monthly fee. Moreover, if you report us about an affected plan or service, we obligate you to payback the whole of your fee for that particular month. However, in case of failure of the hard disk, the restore time would not be included in this guarantee.

We further provide you with a 100% guarantee over our infrastructure system that may include power, UPS, HVAC, and cabling. Again, the time taken in scheduled maintenance would remain excluded from this. It is noteworthy here that this guarantee is not applicable for the power supplies on your server.

In addition, we intend to offer you a hardware replacement guarantee that states our every leased component would perform smoothly. In case of any malfunction of a hardware, say processors, RAM, hard disk, motherboard, or NIC, we would be liable to replace that hardware without any additional charge. Once the source of the problem is identified, it will be replaced within a few hours. The time required to build a RAID array would not be included in this guarantee.

We attempt to implement robust strategies in order to provide impressive solutions that surpass the customers’ expectations. Furthermore, we intend to deliver the best service quality with aid of 24×7 expertise technical support.

If, under any circumstances or by any chance, we are failed to provide you the aforementioned services or fulfil any of our commitments, we shall definitely be liable to undergo the legal procedure.

Host Preneur may introduce some alterations in this agreement as when required with or without any prior notice to the clients.

Last modified on July 03rd, 2015.